Travel tips to Barcelona .. Know the tips for a memorable visit!

You will definitely need to know the travel tips to Barcelona, ​​where Barcelona is one of the most famous tourist cities and this is definitely for good reason.
Barcelona has many charming beaches and unique historic architecture,

Here we offer you some travel tips to Barcelona to help plan your next trip so that you can enjoy your time in this city.

Travel Tips to Barcelona:

One of the most important travel tips to Barcelona that you should take into account is the
The most common time to visit Barcelona is the summer but this means having millions of visitors plus a free but fierce atmosphere

is very suitable for visiting the beaches,

Winter is characterized by moderate temperatures but there are fewer visitors for summer, and in late spring and early autumn the weather is nice but with crowds less than summer, so these are the best times to visit Barcelona

Getting around in Barcelona:
Barcelona has an excellent transport network and most people use Metro (Metro) for long distance travel but with this it is most likely to walk but air conditioners tempt people to ride the metro in the summer.

You can find special tickets for tourists, which will guarantee you free public transport, including taking you to and from the airstrip, access to some museums and other privileges. This ticket will cost you about € 34, and a taxi from the airstrip to the city will cost you about € 25 - € 35.

Accommodation in Barcelona:

The good news is that Barcelona has a great number of cheap hotels and offers you a treatment and a place to stay in excellent quality,

However, the prices of these hotels multiply in the summer as a result of the influx of visitors to those hotels and therefore you have to reserve a room in the nearest possibility.

We recommend that you use this site to find your suitable hotel and budget HostelWorld

Eating and drinking in Barcelona:

You can find in Barcelona many of the lists of eating that fit the various budgets, and in fact Barcelona has the largest collection of restaurants in all regions of Europe, but unfortunately most of them are not the quality required, especially restaurants that are located next to bring tourists.

Barcelona is famous for its Tapas dish, a small dish with reddish juice, olives or cheese, which is one of the snacks you will find in various food outlets there.

Do not forget that lunch there is the largest meal of the day and that people there do not have dinner before 10pm.

Travel instructions to Barcelona

If you want to enjoy Barcelona for yourself you will undoubtedly need to go away from the crowds and head to less crowded places,

Such as the El Poblenou area of ​​Barcelona and visiting its picturesque beaches, which abandoned the masses most of the time,

Or the context to Montjuic - Montjuic, a mountain that has not had a big month but nevertheless it is a good choice to stay away from Barcelona's usual congestion.

Your safety first! :
If you pick up some takeover reports in Barcelona you will find that every tourist who went to Barcelona as soon as he left the airstrip would be automatically seized.

But in fact efforts are inferior to individuals who use their intelligence and take their caution in a different step!

One of the most important issues that I have to adhere to is an endeavor not to look like a tourist and not to attract the sight of you through the depiction of places in abundance, especially among the masses.

It is not advisable to put all your important things in your backpack and do not put a bag on the floor if you are sitting in a restaurant.

Consider visiting La Boqueria Market - La Boceria! :
One of the favorite parts of Barcelona is the great place to buy and buy, where you can find all the vegetables, fruits, seafood and all their products fresh.

Select the appropriate neighborhood for your stay:

In Barcelona, ​​there are some neighborhoods that are safer than others, especially at night, the areas that have a small number of tourists and it is back that thieves are concentrated in those places to exploit the ignorance of tourists neighborhoods and everything!

The safest and safest neighborhood is Lesotho, Gracia and the safest gothic neighborhood; but this is not meant to go to the gothic neighborhood, in fact the gothic quarter of Barcelona's most famous nightlife and the many restaurants you'll find there but if you want to stay There you will need your intelligence to keep yourself and your property or travel with friends.

Some useful tips for Barcelona:

  • There are plenty of museums that are free of charge on Sundays from 8:00 on the eve.
  • Catalan is the official language in Barcelona and everyone also speaks Spanish. You will undoubtedly need some words to use there to make your travels easier.
  • Often you find places to attract tourists crowded with a long queue lined with tourists to qualify for the ticket to enter it is ideal to reserve your ticket in advance and advised to be booked by the Internet so as not to cost yourself the trouble to go in the middle of the congestion.
  • The walk is the best way to explore the city.
  • Be aware of thieves around you, they are in every position!
  • Acquiring free internet on the streets of Barcelona is not difficult, you can find Wi-Fi in the metro and even the streets.
  • Avoid eating at any restaurant in Las Ramblas because you will pay many in exchange for not worth the food.
  • Would you like to go to the sight of Match for Barcelona but can not find tickets? You should contact https://www.Fcbarcelona.Com/.
  • Lots of restaurants close from 2 - 4 afternoon time and do not open again until 8pm
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